What Our Customers Say

I’m officially a fan of Ojavan!

My face is very oily. As I get older I realize how much of a blessing this is so believe me, I’m not complaining. I don’t want to strip the oils from my face, but having them a bit under control would be nice.

I applied the Npató Mineral Mud Mask, took a shower, and went about my day. It really didn’t occur to me until my day was done that I hadn’t blotted my face all day! I expected the mask to cleanse, slough off dead cells and brighten my skin, but I never anticipated it controlling the oils all day. I absolutely love Npató!

When one product works so well, I’ll admit, I expect good things from, maybe not all, but definitely a few other products coming from the same company.

My second gift from Ojavan was the Lavender Bath Salts. I expected to be transported into a soothing, calming, peaceful sleep. What I received in addition to that, was relief from my chronic back pain. I’m not one to exaggerate, especially about my back. I had surgery many years ago and had a 10″ titanium rod attached to my spine. Pain is a constant factor for me. Taking hot baths soothe and loosen, but my soak in the Ojavan Lavender Salts gave me a relief I’ve never felt before.

Two out of two. Perfect record so far. I’m looking forward to experiencing more of Ojavan’s healing products.

Candace B – California

I could see a difference in my skin after using “Ojavan” mud mask just once.  I plan on looking 5 years younger by next week.  Hope you recognize me!!!!

Jill N – Utah

Dear Ojavan –
I have purchased many, many facial masks and scrubs. Often to never even finish the product.  THIS is what I was looking for.  Ojavan Npatò Face Mask felt awesome and left my skin feeling smooth and tight. I LOVE this stuff and will recommend it to everyone I know. 

Lori S – California

I was excited to use Ojavan because it was all natural. That is something I have been working on incorporating into my life.  Trying to get rid of chemicals and go back to the basics.  I wanted to feel the difference between Ojavan and other facial masks which use oils and additives for skin softening instead of just mud.  When applied, Ojavan has a tingling sensation until it’s dry.  After washing it off I could see and feel the difference in my skin.  It was tighter and felt like one of the deepest cleans my face had ever experienced.  I would definitely keep Ojavan as a staple in my vanity.

Kellie J – Utah

Let me start by saying that I am one of those women who tries everything that says it will make me look younger, more vibrant, smaller pores, even skin tones, etc etc, etc. When I tried Ojavan mineral mud mask, truthfully I was expecting the same results that I had gotten with anything making all the promises, which was nice but nothing that stood out and screamed “Hey, this stuff really works”. When I finished with my facial experience with Ojavan, my skin had never felt cleaner and smoother, and continues feeling that way, and I only do the mineral mud mask 2-3 a week.  What can I say… I’m a believer of Ojavan products!

Your Ojavan Believer,
Heather H – Utah

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