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Tip of the Week 5 – Green Thanksgiving Side Dishes

More Green ways to Make your Thanksgiving Organic Fresh bread from the bakery for both bread on the table and bread crumbs Ingredients to make all-natural gravy Organic potatoes to make mashed potatoes by hand Organic sweet potatoes to make … Continue reading

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Tip of the Week 4 – Picking an Organic Turkey

If you can, contact a local farm in your area and order a turkey. Ask if any hormones or antibiotics have been pumped in the bird. Also, ask if it’s range free, which means the turkey is allowed to go … Continue reading

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Go Green on Thanksgiving

How to Go Green on Thanksgiving Day – Article by jciotta & Edited & published by Lindsay Evan Learn about going green on Thanksgiving. We discuss how to make your Thanksgiving dinner with the freshest and most natural ingredients and how … Continue reading

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