Wicked Winter Weather, and How to Maintain Moist Healthy Skin

Brrrrr, It’s cold, the wind torments us, and our skin feels like its been sanded with 20 grit sandpaper. How in the world do you escape this feeling? It’s well documented that during the winter months the moisturizer level in the air goes down, our skin feels itchy and just loses more and more moisture. It’s time to fight back against mother nature and take matters into our own hands, literally. Here are a few vital tips that will help stave off old man winter, the blahs, and keep your skin beautiful for what promises to be a wonderful spring, in two or three months. First: Soak away those winter blues with one of our aromatherapy mineral salt soak. Our high mineral in our concentrated salts fees your skin the over 70 trace minerals and elements that our skin so badly needs, scented with the perfect amount of pure essential oils, your soak can either relax, stimulate, and help your mind heal itself from the daily winter attacks. With six scents to choose from or our all natural un-scented salt soaks, you can choose the mood. Next, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, your skin day and night. Don’t use any moisturizer or lotion that has water as its main ingredient, it wont last and you will feel and be dry faster than ever. All of our moisturizers and lotions start with pure organic aloe juice, helping to heal and moisturizer the way you should. Be moist, be happy, beat Old Man Winter at his own game, and do it at 10% off our regular prices. Use the code LH006 when checking out… You wont regret it….Beautiful skin naturally.

About ojavanproducts

Ojaván Products create organic products that help women, and men, retain natural beauty and healthy skin. Daily life and the environment along with pollutants and free readicals strip the skin of its natural minerals and elements. every product contains over 80 minerals and natural elements that help rejuvenate and replenish the skin. Ojaván Products are free from any toxins or pollutants and are as nature intended them to be. The Ojaván company name and all product names all have similarities and ties to Native American words and meanings. We believe the Native American relationship with nature, the Earth and the Universe is one of wonderment and reverence. At Ojaván we adhere to the beliefs and philosophies of the Native American culture and use natural products for healing and benefiting our lives. Our corporate offices are based in Ogden, Utah. We regularly visit the shores of the Great Salt Lake located only a short drive away, to take in the wonder of this glorious lake.
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