Why a Bath can be good for you

Soyala, (meaning: Time of Winter Solstice, Hopi)

In today’s world we always seem to be is  a rush. Hurry, hurry, hurry, seems to be the watch word. We no longer take the time to “stop and smell the roses.” Well, here is a good reason to do just that. Stop, take a little time for you, after all you deserve it. One more thing, it’s going to be good for you and your skin. As stated before, our skin is the largest organ on or in the body, and sometimes its the most abused. If you have been reading the posts about trace minerals and elements you know how bad our body needs them to function properly. Well here is a chance to help your skin get what it needs to stay healthy and young-looking, while giving your mind and body the rest and rejuvenation it sorely needs. Just a few ounces of one of our salts in your bath water once or twice a week, will help feed your skin the trace minerals and elements it needs.  The pure essential oils we use will work holistically to enhance your desired mood. Plus we have a bonus in each and every one of our salts, a crystal from the earth that will add to your bathing and holistic experience. All of this works in harmony to detoxify your body and prepare you for life. And above all, you deserve the break. It’s time to have your own Ojavan experience. You will want more. I promise you.

About ojavanproducts

Ojaván Products create organic products that help women, and men, retain natural beauty and healthy skin. Daily life and the environment along with pollutants and free readicals strip the skin of its natural minerals and elements. every product contains over 80 minerals and natural elements that help rejuvenate and replenish the skin. Ojaván Products are free from any toxins or pollutants and are as nature intended them to be. The Ojaván company name and all product names all have similarities and ties to Native American words and meanings. We believe the Native American relationship with nature, the Earth and the Universe is one of wonderment and reverence. At Ojaván we adhere to the beliefs and philosophies of the Native American culture and use natural products for healing and benefiting our lives. Our corporate offices are based in Ogden, Utah. We regularly visit the shores of the Great Salt Lake located only a short drive away, to take in the wonder of this glorious lake.
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3 Responses to Why a Bath can be good for you

  1. I have neuropathy in both my feet and I had this dream if I could just dip my feet in a vat of liquid clay the I would be healed. Would I be able to go there and dip my feet in the healing mud there at Salt Lake?

    • Hi Carol, Thank you for the nice post. Although I’m sure you would feel much better soaking your feet in the mud, I’m not to sure the mud would cure your problems. After reading a little bit about your condition you might want to get some geranium essential oil and try a little of that. It has been reported that geranium essential oil helps neves regenerate to some degree. I hope the best for you. You may order our mud online as well. A 6oz jar would do a number of foot wraps for you. Thanks again for reading our Blog

    • the salt would also be an amazing treat soaking before you sleep and taking the time to rest your feet. A bath can be good for you because it helps you wash away the grime of the day literally from germs and bacteria to the stress of the day. baths are very therapeutic. the salt also helps keep the skin healthy! FEED YOUR SKIN!

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