Ojavan Testimonial – Hannah, Ogden UT

Just received this great testimonial and wanted to share it with all our wonderful fans!

I Love Ojavan!!!!

I am 24 years old and have suffered from acne for the past 13 years. I have literally tried it all and have always been disappointed. I suffer from severely dry skin, but have acne. I have always had to mix and match products because most are just for acne or just for dry skin, one always counteracting the other. As a hair and makeup artist, I always feel the need to look my best and have always longed for flawless skin. Before discovering Ojavan, I was using 8 different skincare products (not including makeup) daily. From face cleansers, creams, moisturizers, serums, and masks, it was taking me about 60-90 minutes everyday just for skin care and I was getting very minimal results. After my morning 20 minute skin care routine it would take me 20-30 minutes just to apply my foundation and concealer to cover the vast amount of blemishes on my face. That is a total of nearly 2 hours daily just to make my skin look normal! I felt that I had to wear makeup to the gym, camping, swimming, and even to just go get the mail! I would dread having to take my makeup off at the dermatologist, and would never allow anyone to touch my face. Then my life changed when I found Ojavan! In all honesty I was planning to be disappointed, because that is how every product has left me feeling. It seemed too good to be true. I applied the Npato Mineral Mud Mask to my face followed by the Pamea Poan Facial Moisturizer. By morning 50% of my blemishes were gone! By day 2 I didn’t have to wear concealer. By day 3 my skin was completely clear of any acne or blemishes. I have not had clear skin like this since I was 11! I actually went to the gym for the first time ever makeup free! Not only is my acne gone, but my skin is more moisturized than it has ever been! This product truly is amazing. I have never had such beautiful skin, I barely even recognize myself! I have gained so much more confidence, and I no longer have to hide my makeup free face from my husband at night! Thank you Ojavan for seriously changing my life, giving me more time, and saving me money!

Thanks Hannah for sharing! We are so happy for you as well, we want everyone to get their confidence back and feel beautiful, naturally.

About ojavanproducts

Ojaván Products create organic products that help women, and men, retain natural beauty and healthy skin. Daily life and the environment along with pollutants and free readicals strip the skin of its natural minerals and elements. every product contains over 80 minerals and natural elements that help rejuvenate and replenish the skin. Ojaván Products are free from any toxins or pollutants and are as nature intended them to be. The Ojaván company name and all product names all have similarities and ties to Native American words and meanings. We believe the Native American relationship with nature, the Earth and the Universe is one of wonderment and reverence. At Ojaván we adhere to the beliefs and philosophies of the Native American culture and use natural products for healing and benefiting our lives. Our corporate offices are based in Ogden, Utah. We regularly visit the shores of the Great Salt Lake located only a short drive away, to take in the wonder of this glorious lake.
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