What Our Customers Say

I was so relaxed and refreshed after my beauty sessions! Give it a try I promise you will have an amazing experience. I love all these product.
Terresa S – Utah

Dear Ojaván: I did 3 incredibly brutal CrossFit workouts in a single day this week. My body was feeling the beautiful pain that is CrossFit. Anyways, I took a soak in your peppermint bath salt and it was incredible! Felt like an extremely warm ice bath… If that makes any sense. My muscles thank you! Keep up the good work.
Brody J  Utah

LOVE the product in desperate need of more!!!!! The bath salts and mud mask are Great!!!
Melodye J  Utah

The mud mask and body scrub smell so good and feel so refreshing. The first time I used them, my neck and shoulders hurt and were so tight, had felt like that for days, after I used your product I slept so good, the pain was gone! That is the only thing I did that was different from my normal routine. So it had to be Ojavan.  A little bit goes a long way! I highly reccomend you trying it!
Sandra C – Utah

I’m officially a fan of Ojavan!

My face is very oily. As I get older I realize how much of a blessing this is so believe me, I’m not complaining. I don’t want to strip the oils from my face, but having them a bit under control would be nice.

I applied the Npató Mineral Mud Mask, took a shower, and went about my day. It really didn’t occur to me until my day was done that I hadn’t blotted my face all day! I expected the mask to cleanse, slough off dead cells and brighten my skin, but I never anticipated it controlling the oils all day. I absolutely love Npató!

When one product works so well, I’ll admit, I expect good things from, maybe not all, but definitely a few other products coming from the same company.

My second gift from Ojavan was the Lavender Bath Salts. I expected to be transported into a soothing, calming, peaceful sleep. What I received in addition to that, was relief from my chronic back pain. I’m not one to exaggerate, especially about my back. I had surgery many years ago and had a 10″ titanium rod attached to my spine. Pain is a constant factor for me. Taking hot baths soothe and loosen, but my soak in the Ojavan Lavender Salts gave me a relief I’ve never felt before.

Two out of two. Perfect record so far. I’m looking forward to experiencing more of Ojavan’s healing products.
Candace B – California

I could see a difference in my skin after using “Ojavan” mud mask just once.  I plan on looking 5 years younger by next week.  Hope you recognize me!!!!
Jill N  Utah

Dear Ojavan –
I have purchased many, many facial masks and scrubs. Often to never even finish the product.  THIS is what I was looking for.  Ojavan Npatò Face Mask felt awesome and left my skin feeling smooth and tight. I LOVE this stuff and will recommend it to everyone I know.
Lori S – California

I was excited to use Ojavan because it was all natural. That is something I have been working on incorporating into my life.  Trying to get rid of chemicals and go back to the basics.  I wanted to feel the difference between Ojavan and other facial masks which use oils and additives for skin softening instead of just mud.  When applied, Ojavan has a tingling sensation until it’s dry.  After washing it off I could see and feel the difference in my skin.  It was tighter and felt like one of the deepest cleans my face had ever experienced.  I would definitely keep Ojavan as a staple in my vanity.
Kellie J – Utah

Let me start by saying that I am one of those women who tries everything that says it will make me look younger, more vibrant, smaller pores, even skin tones, etc etc, etc. When I tried Ojavan mineral mud mask, truthfully I was expecting the same results that I had gotten with anything making all the promises, which was nice but nothing that stood out and screamed “Hey, this stuff really works”. When I finished with my facial experience with Ojavan, my skin had never felt cleaner and smoother, and continues feeling that way, and I only do the mineral mud mask 2-3 a week.  What can I say… I’m a believer of Ojavan products!

Your Ojavan Believer,
Heather H – Utah

This product is the bomb!!!! Right now, I just finished working out and applied my mineral mud mask on my face…………in minutes I will be totally refreshed from head to toe! My face will feel like it  got a deep cleansing in just minutes. Easy to apply, leave on about ten minutes, wipes off easily…………..then notice the difference. I have a  oily face, I used Npato three times in a week and my oily skin toned down tremendously. Love it! Try it!
Laura B – Virginia

About ojavanproducts

Ojaván Products create organic products that help women, and men, retain natural beauty and healthy skin. Daily life and the environment along with pollutants and free readicals strip the skin of its natural minerals and elements. every product contains over 80 minerals and natural elements that help rejuvenate and replenish the skin. Ojaván Products are free from any toxins or pollutants and are as nature intended them to be. The Ojaván company name and all product names all have similarities and ties to Native American words and meanings. We believe the Native American relationship with nature, the Earth and the Universe is one of wonderment and reverence. At Ojaván we adhere to the beliefs and philosophies of the Native American culture and use natural products for healing and benefiting our lives. Our corporate offices are based in Ogden, Utah. We regularly visit the shores of the Great Salt Lake located only a short drive away, to take in the wonder of this glorious lake.
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