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Tip of the Week 11 – How to Find Real Food at the Supermarket

Grocery shopping has never been more confusing than it is in 2011. With conflicting nutrition information coming at us from all sides, navigating the supermarket can feel as impossible as doing long division while juggling loaded bear traps. It’s neither … Continue reading

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Tip of the week 10 – The 15 Worst Health & Diet Myths

By David Zinczenko Jan 10, 2011 “I don’t know what to order,” my friend told me over lunch recently. We were sitting in a great new Italian restaurant near my office. “I know,” I replied, scanning the menu. “Everything looks … Continue reading

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Facial Moisturizer and Hand & Body Cream

Pamea Poan (Paw-mia Poe-n) Moist Skin in Shashoni Most Moisturizers, creams, & lotions are made with alcohol, or petroleum oil bases as a main ingredient, these can clog your pores and become a collection for the pollutants, and toxins that … Continue reading

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